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On Minding One’s Manners: Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots

Potter, Beatrix. The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots. Illus. Quentin Blake. Frederic Warne-Penguin, 2016.  Just before Christmas, our local educational television channel, Knowledge Network telecast the Channel 4 television 2016 documentary Beatrix Potter with Patricia Routledge. Depending upon where you are, the … Continue reading

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Facing the Tide: Margaret Drabble’s The Dark Flood Rises

Drabble, Margaret. The Dark Flood Rises. Farrar, 2016. The title of Margaret Drabble’s latest novel comes from D. H. Lawrence’s “The Ship of Death,” and the work is prefaced by two lines from this poem and by Yeats’ “The Wheel” … Continue reading

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Pas de deux: Georgette Heyer’s Snowdrift and Other Stories

Heyer, Georgette. Snowdrift and Other Stories. Source Books-Casablanca. 2016. For those of my readers who are unfamiliar with Munro’s Bookstore in Victoria, BC, suffice it to say that in 2016 it was rated by National Geographic the third best bookstore in … Continue reading

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Catalysts for Thought: Armstrong’s Islam and Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel

Armstrong, Karen. Islam: A Short History. 2000. Rev. and Updated. Modern Library 2002. Dershowitz, Alan. The Case for Israel. Wiley. 2003. E-book. I read these two books in partial preparation for the trip I took earlier in the fall and found them both … Continue reading

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Casting for the Rainbow: Ethel Wilson’s Swamp Angel

Wilson, Ethel. Swamp Angel. Harper & Bros., 1954. Ed. George Bowering. UBC Library-Macmillan, 1990. E-book. If you had taken a Canadian literature course in the late sixties and early seventies, you would probably remember that much of the focus of what was … Continue reading

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The Personal View: Christabel Bielenberg’s The Past is Myself and The Road Ahead

I found this draft post unposted earlier today. I wrote it just before I left home and didn’t put it on line.  Bielenberg, Christabel. The Past is Myself. Chatto, 1968. Corgi, 1984 and The Road Ahead. Bantam 1992. Corgi, 1993. … Continue reading

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Remembering: Lynn Barber’s An Education

Barber, Lynn. An Education. Penguin, 2009. I thought I had posted about this book when I first read it a few years ago. I was mistaken. Some of you may have seen the film of the same name starring Carey … Continue reading

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