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The Enigma of Lies: Kate Atkinson’s Transcription

Atkinson, Kate. Transcription. Bond Street Books, 2018. I found it very interesting that within the space of about six weeks I found myself reading two books, Anthony Quinn’s Our Friends in Berlin, which I reviewed not that long ago, and … Continue reading

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The Old Woman at the Crossroads: Ann G. Thomas’ The Women We Become

Thomas, Ann G. The Women We Become: Myths, Folktales, and Stories About Growing Older.Prima, 1997. In a book written primarily for women and drawing on examples from her own counselling practice, Ann G. Thomas discusses how stories from a variety … Continue reading

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Garlands of Repose: Penelope Lively’s Life in the Garden

Lively, Penelope. Life in the Garden. Viking, 2017. This short book (199 pages including the index) by novelist Penelope Lively is a joy to read. It is not fiction. Life in the Garden is a “book in which fictional gardens … Continue reading

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A Sparkling Wit. Penelope Lively’s The Purple Swamp Hen and Other Stories

Lively, Penelope. The Purple Swamp Hen and Other Stories. Penguin, 2016. As I think I’ve noted before, short stories are not always my favourite genre to read. They’re just too short. However, the form’s very brevity means that the good short story … Continue reading

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Beyond Time and Place. Pat Barker’s Another World

Barker, Pat. Another World. Farrar, 1998. One of the pleasures of a library in comparison with a bookstore tends to be the fact that the library has books that were published some time ago. Check out your local bookstore and, … Continue reading

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Singing in a not so minor key: Jennifer Ryan’s The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir.

Ryan, Jennifer. The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir. Broadway Books, 2017.  How best to describe this book? That is a hard question to answer. It’s a very good read, something of a page-turner and other clichés. But it’s much more than that because … Continue reading

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The Price of Life: Marie Jalowicz Simon’s Underground in Berlin.

Simon, Marie Jalowicz. Underground in Berlin: A Young Woman’s Extraordinary Tale of Survival in the Heart of Nazi Germany. 2014. Trans. Anthea Bell. Back Bay Books, 2015. Just over a year ago, I reviewed David R. Gillham’s City of Women, a novel set … Continue reading

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