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Life in a Setting Sun: Peter Godwin’s Mukiwa: A White Boy in Africa

Godwin, Peter. Mukiwa. A White Boy in Africa. 1996. HarperPerennial, 1997. Just after I started work for a large firm of London solicitors in the summer of 1969, a frisson of excitement rippled through the office because one of the typists … Continue reading

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Catalysts for Thought: Armstrong’s Islam and Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel

Armstrong, Karen. Islam: A Short History. 2000. Rev. and Updated. Modern Library 2002. Dershowitz, Alan. The Case for Israel. Wiley. 2003. E-book. I read these two books in partial preparation for the trip I took earlier in the fall and found them both … Continue reading

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Not the Whole Story: More thoughts on Frances Hodgson Burnett

Burnett, Frances Hodgson. A Little Princess; Being the Whole Story of Sara Crewe Now Told for the First Time. Not long ago, I reviewed Burnett’s The Secret Garden, and one of my readers responded with a comment comparing The Secret … Continue reading

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On Missing the Beat: Naivety in Zadie Smith’s Swing Time

Smith, Zadie. Swing Time. Penguin Canada, 2016. Zadie Smith’s White Teeth remains, I think, my favourite of Smith’s novels. At least, I find it the most comic, and Autograph Man perhaps her most clever. Swing Time, despite its title, I found … Continue reading

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A Gentle Illumination: The Stories of Jane Gardam

Gardam, Jane. The Stories of Jane Gardam. New York: Europa 2014. As you know from earlier posts, I do have a certain fondness for Jane Gardam, so when a friend lent me her copy of The Stories of Jane Gardam, … Continue reading

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Catching the Drift: Orhan Pamuk’s Snow

Pamuk, Orhan. Snow. Trans. Maureen Freely. New York: Random-Vintage, 2005. I have to admit that until a friend/colleague/member of my reading group suggested that we should read this novel I had never encountered Pamuk before. By the time I had … Continue reading

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Distant Landscapes of the Mind: Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland

Lahiri, Jhumpa. The Lowland. Toronto: Borzoi-Knopf Canada, 2013. It’s serendipitous, I suppose, that when one has just finished reading one book by a particular writer, one finds another. I hadn’t read The Lowland when it was first published, so when … Continue reading

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