An Introduction to my Library

Who’s On My Shelves and (occasionally) in my ereader?

I tend to use my ereader when I travel, when I’m not sure I will want to keepDSCN1311 - Version 3 a book for ever, and when I think of the book as offering only solas and little sentence.

While my library has sections on Biography, Drama, History, Literary Theory and Criticism, Mythology, Poetry, Philosophy, and Theology, the majority of my book shelf space is devoted to literature. These books I organize primarily according to their countries of origin, then according to genre–poetry, drama, fiction–and then alphabetically according to century and literary period (more or less).  Most of the time, I know exactly where any one of my books should be. Most of the time. I have a separate bookshelf for my “Not so Secret Diversions” (see separate page) and for children’s literature. Classical writers, that is the Ancient Greeks and Romans, also have their own shelf.DSCN1311 - Version 3

The pages BeginningsFiction,  Not So Secret Diversions , Other Pleasures, and Other Readers Reading list some of my favourite authors.


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