Currently Reading

DSCN1369 - Version 2

Celtic Myths & Tales: Anthology of Classic Tales. Foreword Jake Jackson. Flame Tree, 2018.

Harari. Yuval Noah. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Signal, 2018.

                                and Recently Read 

Burton, Jessie. The Muse. HarperCollins, 2016.

Atkinson, Kate. Transcription. Bond Street Books, 2018.

Harkness, Time’s Convert. Viking, 2018, ebook.

Trolloppe, Joanna. An Unsuitable Match. Pan ebook, 2018.

Taylor, Andrew. The Fire Court.  Harper Collins, 2018.

Thomas, Ann. G. The Women We Become: Myths, Folktales, and Stories About Growing Older. Prima, 1997.

Quinn, Anthony. Our Friends in Berlin. Jonathan Cape-Vintage, 2018.

Morton, Kate. The Clockmaker’s Daughter. Atria=Simon & Schuster. 2018.

Rothfuss, Patrick. The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicle Day One. Daw, 2007.

Lively, Penelope. Life in the Garden. Viking, 2017.

Cline, Ernest. Ready Player One. Arrow, 2011.

Winterson, Jeanette. Tanglewreck. Bloomsbury, 2006.

Barnes, Julian. The Noise of Time. Random House Canada, 2016.






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