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Burnett, Frances Hodgson. The Secret Garden. 1911. Heinemann, 1957. Christmas 1960, I think, it might have been 1959 I was given The Secret Garden as a present. The gift was not a surprise. I remember our shopping for it in … Continue reading

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Revisiting Memories: Christopher Milne’s The Enchanted Places

Milne, Christopher. The Enchanted Places. 1974. Harmondsworth,Middx.: Penguin, 1976. Over the years, I have read and reread this book many times. My copy is an old Penguin that I think I must have bought when Milne’s book came out in paperback … Continue reading

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That (Un)Certain Licence: Nostalgia and Anxiety in Ian Fleming’s James Bond

Fleming, Ian. James Bond: The Complete Collection. n.d. Not long ago, being stuck ill in bed, I downloaded James Bond: The Complete Collection into my ereader for the low price of $9.99. I was temporarily bedridden, without access to … Continue reading

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Lives Revisited: Rambles in Biography. Peter Ustinov and Dorothy L. Sayers.

Ustinov, Peter, Dear Me.  Harmondsworth, Mddx.: Penguin, 1977. Reynolds, Barbara. Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Soul. 1993. London: Hodder and  Stoughton-Scepter, 1994. How different is the situation of the biographer in comparison with that of the writer of fiction. … Continue reading

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Spells and Memory: Re-entering Enchanted Woods with de la Mare’s Told Again

de la Mare, Walter. Told Again: Old Tales Told Again.[1927, 1955] Introd. Philip Pullman. Illus. A. H. Watson. Oddly Modern Fairy Tales. Ed. Jack Zipes. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2015. I remember well my first collection of fairy stories. I remember … Continue reading

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“Recovery”: The Joys and Pains of Convalescence. What to Read?

Bradley, Alan, As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust. Toronto: Doubleday, 2015. Renzetti, Elizabeth. Based on a True Story. Toronto: Anansi, 2014. Rowling, J. K. All the Harry Potter books. London: Bloomsbury. Vancouver: Raincoast. Various dates. I have recently endured some not very … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2015

It’s somewhat challenging to be completely positive about the status of women today, but we should savour the achievements women have made even as we know we have more work to do to ensure that social, political, and cultural expectations … Continue reading

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