DSCN1310 - Version 2Welcome to Maria Vigornia’s Journal: The Ramblings of a ReaderIn some ways, the title says it all: this blog records a personal ramble through the books I am reading or have read and includes, occasionally,  my responses to movies, plays, art galleries, and so forth. I may at times even  comment on life in general, but my main focus is books. 

If you have found this page at random, then perhaps it will interest you to know that I taught undergraduate English composition and literature for thirty years before retiring. Beginning my professional life with a background in the mediaeval and renaissance periods, I retired having become engaged primarily with British fiction.  Still (dare I say it?) enchanted by fairy tales, dream visions, romances, and moralities, I value fiction examining the battle for the souls of both individuals and societies. 

What more should I say? That I enjoy a glass of champagne from time to time? That I make all my own bread? That I live in Canada but reveal British origins whenever I speak? That Maria in the case of this persona  should be pronounced Ma rye ah?  

Well, there are a couple of things that should be said: my opinions, unless otherwise acknowledged, are mine alone as are any images included here,  and I hope that my conclusions on life in literature afford you at least something to think about.



5 Responses to About

  1. npane171 says:

    I just stumbled across your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading through it.

    I’m a philosophy student who just picked up a double major in literature. I enjoy reading because I find philosophical thoughts and ideas hidden away in story, which I thoroughly enjoy uncovering. I’m not very good yet but hopefully, with practice, and possibly observing your skills, I might be able to better my skills as time goes on.

    – Nick

    • Thank you for the positive re-inforcement and the “follow.” I am about to check out your blog. One way to think about reading is not to think of things being hidden in a text; rather, they are expressed in perhaps unexpected ways. It’s the “fun” of the unexpected that makes literary analysis all so engaging.

      Anyway, I hope as I go on you find my various ramblings interesting and even insightful. M

  2. npane171 says:

    You are very welcome. Yes, certainly things are expressed in unexpected ways in literature, and I’ll remember what you said about reading. See! You’re already being insightful! I have such trouble understanding it at times though…I wish I was as advanced as stronger readers, like your self. In time I suppose…

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog. There isn’t much to it yet, and I imagine that some of the material is a bit boyish and elementary. Until next time…


  3. WORDMAN says:

    I’m here because your words held me hostage – I stayed because I feel a kinship. I’m following because I can’t seem to get enough.

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