30 Interesting Facts about Books

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Interesting Literature

30 fun facts about books, in honour of World Book Day 2015

SF writer Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) is the only author to have published a book in all ten Dewey library categories.

When asked what book he’d like to have with him on a desert island, G. K. Chesterton replied, ‘Thomas’s Guide to Practical Shipbuilding.’

Hugh Lofting, author of Dr Doolittle, thought books should have a ‘senile’ category to complement the ‘juvenile’ section.

Dickens’s house had a secret door in the form of a fake bookcase. The fake books included titles such as ‘The Life of a Cat’ in 9 volumes.

Playwright Joe Orton went to prison in 1962 for defacing library books. One of the cartoons he drew shows an elderly tattooed man in trunks.

Books BerlinThe first book bought on Amazon was called Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought.


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2 Responses to 30 Interesting Facts about Books

  1. Cecilia Martell says:

    Fascinating stuff! I’m guilty of both tsundoku and bibliosma — both indicative of an addiction to books. The list contains one large error: the most expensive book is not 153 million Euros; it is 1.53 million Euros. A rather significant difference, methinks. 🙂 Perhaps there are others, but I wouldn’t want to be too persnickety.

    • I, too, must plead guilty to both sins, if they are actually sins, and there are times when I look at my book shelves and wonder if I am about to suffer a fate similar to Frazer’s. I was also intrigued by Ford Madox Ford’s thoughts about the ninety-ninth page of a novel. I’m currently on page 91 of Some Do Not , the first part of Parade’s End. I fast forwarded to page ninety-nine. It confirms my questions of the novel: Does FMF actually like Tietjens? I will await events before deciding completely. There are but 818 pages left to help me decide.

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