Roses and Books. Rambling in Portland

Rosy Powell's 12082014Just a really quick update for those who sort of expect a post about once a week. I spent the weekend in the City of Roses, Portland, Oregon, where, dare I say ‘of course’ I went mildly wild in Powell’s Books. For those of you not from the West Coast, Powell’s Books is Ali Baba’s Cave for the reader: old books, new books, books you thought you’d never see again, and all for sale in an independent bookstore! So, I’ve brought home perhaps over a month’s worth of glorious reading. Oh the regret at not being able to afford every Angela Thirkell they had, and the sadness at not finding any Pamela Hansford Johnson. Yes, I know, this is reading for nostalgia perhaps. If you haven’t met either of these two novelists, you should keep an eye out. Thirkell takes over Barsetshire from Anthony Trollope and is about as prolific but rather more light-hearted. Pamela Hansford Johnson is probably best known for The Unspeakable Skipton. I was told on relatively good authority from someone who had met her that in some circles she was known as “the abominable snow-woman” because of her being married to C. P. Snow. Oh dear.

Anyway, I am still reading Watson’s The Age of Atheists, and I have begun Sheila Kohler’s Dreaming for Freud. I’ve also begun Piketty’s Capital. Books by Hollinghurst, Thirkell, Colm Tóbín, and Neil Gaiman await me. So there will be reviews shortly. Meanwhile, back to the books.DSCN2779

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