The Tyranny of Choice: Last Year’s Top Ten

DSCN1318 - Version 7It’s somewhat traditional to make lists at this time of year, and I’m perhaps a little late in ranking what I read in 2013.  I discovered that, in fact, I couldn’t really rank anything. Not counting some of the light fiction that I re/read for purely escapist reasons, I read fifty books last year, but who’s really counting? I reviewed most of them on this blog; some may well be reviewed in 2014. The truth is I just can’t decide which were actually my top rated books in terms of literary excellence or meticulous research for 2013. So, in case you are interested, I’ve listed the ten books that I think I found gave me the most pleasure to read. Some were rereads; some are biographical; others are fiction. This is an idiosyncratic, highly subjective list, I know, and I’m not even sure I’m committed to it, but here it is.

Englemann, Karen. The Stockholm Octavo

McEwan, Ian, Sweet Tooth 

Waugh, Evelyn. A Little Learning: An Autobiography

Winman, Sarah. When God Was a Rabbit

Shepard, Ernest H. Drawn From Memory

Eagleton, Terry. On Evil

MacVicar, Angus. Salt in my Porridge: Confessions of a Minister’s Son

Goudge, Elizabeth. The White Witch

Salman Rushdie, Joseph Anton

Barker, Pat, Toby’s Room

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