Vistas on the Past (Not a Book Review)

DSCN1804Persuasive Visions:
17th Century Dutch and Flemish Masterworks and Contemporary Reflections June 15 to September 15, 2013 

On Saturday, I took a very brief moment to take a quick look at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s exhibition Persuasive Visions: 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Masterworks and Contemporary Reflections.

DSCN1804This exhibition juxtaposes contemporary works with seventeenth century paintings by Dutch and Flemish painters already in the VAG’s collection or on loan from the The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. I will revisit the exhibition later during its run—it’s on display until 15 September—but on Saturday I simply wanted to spend a few minutes engaged with the older paintings.

DSCN1804I was not disappointed, and I spent a pleasurable few minutes appreciating the fine detail and brushwork and the overall skill of the seventeenth century painters. There were the low horizons and far reaching skies of land and seascapes, and there were the flower paintings with their comments on the transitory nature of existence. All most satisfying.

DSCN1804As I said, I will go back and engage more rigorously with the individual paintings and with the relationship between the contemporary and seventeenth century works, but on Saturday, the brief glimpse was enough.

The image here is obviously neither Flemish nor seventeenth century and remains the intellectual property of the painter who gave me permission to use it 

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