Three days in London and what are the highlights? The magnolias seen from High Street Kensington. The fact that South Kensington still smells of coffee and pastries as it did when I lived there briefly over forty years ago. The pelicans in St. James’ Park.The warm breeze. Baroness Thatcher’s funeral. Yesterday, I saw the hearse pass down the mall on its way to Westminster, and then, today, I experienced the strange emptiness of The Strand an hour after it was all over. I had already moved to Canada by the time Maggie Thatcher was elected to power, but the changes she made to Britain are, I suspect, irreversible. And then yesterday, too, was the strange (?) synchronicity of visiting Treasures of the Royal Courts: Tudors, Stuarts, and the Russian Tsars at the Victoria and Albert Museum and discovering there the portrait of Elizabeth I discussed by Philip Mould in his The Art Detective that I reviewed a couple of days ago. And then, too, this afternoon, Alan Bennett’s Untold Stories. They deserve their own post. DSCN1630 - Version 2

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  1. Jean Francois says:

    Thanks, again, M.V.

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